Four Benefits of Mobile Payments­­­ For all Businesses

A major trend that has stemmed from the pandemic is contactless service. From signing a document to accepting a package, people do not want to touch anything that has been touched by another person. In-store shopping is an area that is harder to make contactless, but using a mobile payment system (MPOS) lets shoppers checkout easier and safer. A mobile payment is a payment made through a portable electronic device, like a smartphone or tablet. It can be used for personal use to send or receive money or in a professional landscape to replace traditional POS systems. Making payments contactless

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Protecting your Business from Common Types of E-Commerce Fraud

It is no surprise that over the last few months, e-commerce use has skyrocketed. By mid-March, same-day shipping orders were up by 237 percent, and e-commerce orders in 2020 were up 110 percent over 2019. But this trend is not new. The use of e-commerce has been steadily increasing since 2014, and by 2021 the e-commerce industry is expected to generate 4.5 trillion dollars annually and accounts for 16 percent of retail sales.  E-commerce offers consumers ease, speed and accessibility, but it is not all positive. As consumers switched to online shopping, fraudsters followed. It was estimated that by the

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Appealing to the Online Shopper: How to Upgrade Your Website and Boost Sales.

Gone are the days of casually strolling through the mall, sipping a coffee, and window shopping. Now consumers ‘window shop’ online before committing to a purchase. To keep up with consumer habits and turn casual visitors into return shoppers, brands need to upgrade their e-commerce platforms.  A website’s design is an essential component of an e-commerce sale. A well-designed website allows the shopper to easily find what they are looking for without feeling lost or overwhelmed. If a website is poorly designed, shoppers will quickly move on to the next to find what they are looking for.  To help your

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