"Right off the bat started saving us money, which is always a welcome thing."

"Just comparing the numbers from one audit to the next, the savings have been incredible."

Emily Murphy Centre - Non-Profit

  • Heil Ginseng Inc
  • Caplinger's Fresh Catch Seafood Market
  • Austin Career Education Center
  • Counsellors Title Agency Inc
    New Jersey
  • First Mortgage Solutions
  • Hallmark Dental Laboratory
    Nova Scotia
  • Lads n' Lassie Children's Boutique
  • Community Options
  • Clean Earth Systems Inc
  • Quantum Leap Farm
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am an independent person with a high work ethic from a family of entrepreneurs. These experiences and background led me to Schooley Mitchell. Plus, I genuinely get excited to help businesses save money. It is a valuable offering.

    I am writing this letter to recommend the services provided by Denis Tan of Schooley Mitchell to any business owner. Heil Ginseng, Inc. is one of the largest Wisconsin Ginseng producers in the USA. We produce over 150,000 pounds of our roots each year along with processing an additional 100,000 pounds for other growers in the area. Through conscientious farming, we are also proud to raise and harvest high quality CBD and hemp products.

    We have worked with Dennis previously when he was in the agriculture industry. When he started Schooley Mitchell, he came to us and offered to conduct a risk-free analysis of our business expenses. Knowing he has high integrity, we trusted him to perform an audit for us and we agreed to provide him and his team the information they needed.

    Schooley Mitchell looked at our business expenses and came back with several recommendations where we could save money. One of the recommendations was to wait for a few months to switch our phone vendors so that we could save 32% in our telecom bills. Schooley Mitchell handled the full implementation, including the port-over and activation of devices. They also looked at our waste bill and managed to save us 37% immediately while staying with our incumbent vendor.

    Schooley Mitchell continues to audit our monthly statements to make sure that our prices remain low and free from errors. I strongly recommend any business owner interested in saving time and money to give Schooley Mitchell a call. Their service is risk-free, and you will be glad that you did.

    Nevin Smith
    Vice President

  • To whom it may concern:

    I highly recommend Rodney Wead with Schooley Mitchell if you want to save some money in your business. Rodney and his team are able to work with either you current providers or new vendors to save your business thousands of dollars. He did this for me and we thought we had some pretty awesome pricing already on the services they work with. Rodney was great to deal with and with my crazy schedule he was great to follow-up with me whenever needed but wasn't pushy about the process either. If you have the chance to work with him make sure to make the time to do it because he will save your business big money

    Andrew Caplinger

  • To Whom it May Concern:

    Austin Career Education Center is a charter high school on the west side of Chicago that has provided a second chance at a high school education since 1977. We provide a professional, supportive learning community in a non-traditional high school setting that engages and empowers students, nurtures and develops moral and intellectual growth, and promotes social responsibility to local and global communities, and encourages lifelong learning.

    As a School Administrator, I manage a substantial budget and seek every opportunity for cost containment. This is a key responsibility that I balance against a myriad of competing priorities. This is why I was intrigued when Michael Thompson of Schooley Mitchell stated they could save me time and money, without risk or out-of-pocket fees. He emphasized there was no obligation or cost for them to conduct an in-depth analysis of our waste disposal & telecom, which were major problem areas for me. I agreed to a brief meeting and provided statements for their review, and he said they'd complete their comprehensive analysis in 4 - 6 weeks. When he came back to present his recommendations, I was shocked to see that he could reduce our waste expense by 75% through our existing vendor. Subsequently, their analysis for our telecom offered savings of 45% with double the data speed, through the same carrier we have our cable service with. Their program included coordinating the implementation of all services, and the ongoing management of vendors and auditing of all bills.

    I can absolutely say that working with Michael & his t eam at Schooley Mitchell exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any school or business seeking to better manage their expenses, while saving time and money.

    Dr. Debra Williams

  • To whom it may concern,

    I am happy to give a testimonial to Kevin O'Shaughnessy and his team at Schooley Mitchell of RedBank. I admit, I was originally skeptical as to how he could help save me money. But after only a small amount oftime providing some prior month's invoices, and relevant information, Kevin presented me with a value report showing me how he could reduce my cost for waste at my office just over 55%. So of course I signed off on that immediately and Kevin handled the transition to the new vendor seamlessly. The best part is ifl now have any issues with my waste, I don't have to wait on hold trying to get a customer service representative to answer my call, I can just call Kevin and he will handle it!

    Thank you again to Kevin and Schooley Mitchell! I will definitely be recommending his services to friends and colleagues.

    Ralph Aponte

  • To Whom it may concern:

    I recently engaged Brent Donaldson of Schooley Mitche ll to review telecommunications , merchant services, and small package shipping expenses for First Mortgage Solutions LLC. Brent assured me this would be a risk- free audit of our existing setup and expenses and he was correct!

    Headquartered in Kansas City, Missour i, First Mortgage Solutions focuses on finding the best possible loan program for each individual homeowne r. We realize that every one of our customers has a unique financial situation and goals, so it is imperative to us that these situations are taken into account and those goals are met when choosing the right loan program for every person. At First Mort gage Solutions , we do not offer any "Special Limited Time" offers or charge any hidden fees. We simply take a consultative approach to lending in order to locate the perfect loan program, for each homeowner, every time.

    Managing a growin g business can be a challenge, so I thought an extra set of eyes on some of our business expenses might be helpful. Schooley Mitchell put forth the effort to analyze my setup and spend and make sure I was getting the most out of my vendors. The results were that there are no attainable savings at this time. There is great value in knowing that our setup is optimized and tha t when our contracts come up for renewal over the next several years that additional savings can be negotiated. I am thrilled that Schooley Mitchell put in the time and effort to analyze our setup and expenses. I am thrilled that this was indeed a risk-free audit, and I am thrilled that Schooley Mitchell will continue to monitor the market on our behalf and alert us to any ways we can save money in the future.

    It is reassuring to know that Schooley Mitchell is looking out for First Mortgage Solutions' best inte rest. am fortunate to have Schooley Mitchell's expertise and guidance. I would strongly recommend Brent and the Schooley Mitchell team to any business that is concerned with controll ing their expenses.

    Eric Hintz
    Vice President

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    Last June we met with Axel Nafthal of Schooley Mitchell. He and his team help businesses secure cost efficiencies in a variety of expense avenues.

    He explained how his team analyzes current costs and then negotiates with incumbent providers in the marketplace for reduced costin on the same or improved service. We liked his business model, so we began with an analysis of our wireless telecom costing.

    We accepted his recommendation for a provider change which resulted in improved service at a discount of over 40% versus our previous provider. We now receive detailed quarterly updates highlighting our savings

    Subsequently, we asked Axel to investigate our courier costing. This initiative resulted in several thousand dollars in annual savings without having to change providers.

    Because his fees are funded from savings generated, we incurred absolutely no costs for the savings we now enjoy.

    I am happy to endorse Axel and his team at Schooley Mitchell as a areliable partner for any organization interested in cost reduction.

    Mark Hall
    Chief Financial Officer

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    Lad n' Lassie has been in business since 1965. Cheryl Leslie as owner since 1997 has created the go to boutique in Eastern Kentucky, providing unique children's apparel. Cheryl spends much of her time working with her customers to understand their needs as wellas making sure Lad n lassie has all the latest fashions & gifts. As attracting as her inventory of today's fashions and unique children's gifts, it is the uniqueu country charm showcased at every turn and the down-home hospitality that keep customers coming back. Lad n' Lassie carries clothing for newborns through size 16 for girls and size 7 for boys. Featuring only the finest in children's clothing.

    This letter is to acknowledge the great service provide to us by Schooley Mitchell, spefcifically that of Gary Crisp and his team. We were approached by Gary about doing some research to see if he could improve our telecom and merchant card services by finding more cost-effective alternatives. Gary said there would be no obligation on our part which really meant we would have a free audit. he explained that we always had the choice after the audit if savings were found whether to accept the proposal.

    This really happened, there was no cost up front and although Gary was not able to find savings for merchant services, they were able to reduce our telecom by 36%. This savings came at no cost to Lad n' Lassie as we only share a portion of our savings with Schooley Mitchell. The great part is that after a short period of time we keep all the savings. I also must mention again there were no csots, only an hour or so of my time was required to get them familiar with our processes.

    If you are looking for a partner in business with no costs who reduce your SG&A expenses and increases your bottom line, then Gary Crisp and Schooley Mitchell is the solution. Gary Crisp provided us a risk-free analysis and we appreciate his professionalism, communication skill and overall assistance. Lad n Lassie highly recommends Schooley Mitchell and Gary Crisp!

    Cheryl Leslie


  • To whom it may concern,

    I am writing this letter to recommend Amanda Chevrier and Schooley Mitchell for their cost reduction consulting services. I am the Executive Director of Community Options, a non-profit organization that provides inclusive education, childcare, and additional childhood development supports to children and their families in the Edmonton area. We operate out of four locations, have 180 staff, and an operating budget of $7 million. I was introduced to Amanda through Business Network International (BNI), a referral networking group.

    During our first conversation, Amanda described herself as a cost reduction consultant with Schooley Mitchell, a company that specializes in finding the best market pricing on overhead costs for businesses and non-profit organizations. With scarce staffing available to take on such an analysis, I was pleased that not only would Amanda be saving us money, but also time. Moreover, Amanda’s fee is a percentage of the savings, which meant there was no charge if no savings were found. As an experienced business executive and coach, I found the Schooley Mitchell model to be very practical.

    Amanda and her team conducted a review of our telecom and merchant services. I was thrilled when Amanda presented the report showing that she was able to save us $27,000 in the first year and $15,000 each year after on our wireless phones, desk phones, and internet, simply by switching vendors. This resulted in savings of 21.24% on our wireless phones, 58.33% on our desk phones, and 18.95% on our internet. Coincidentally, the wireless vendor recommended by Amanda was a former employer. Out of curiosity, I contacted former colleagues to ask what pricing they could provide, and to my astonishment, they were only able to provide pricing half as good as what Amanda and Schooley Mitchell could provide. This proved to me that Schooley Mitchell has built very strong relationships and has remarkable buying power.

    I highly recommend Amanda and Schooley Mitchell for their cost reduction consulting services. Their ability to save us time and money, and to provide exceptional service has proven to be of immense value to our organization.


    Wayne Fredin

    Executive Director

  • Fellow Business Leader:

    My name is Steph Pettit and I've been the CEO of Clean Earth Systems in Tampa, Florida for 30 years. We provide industry, government and individuals with stateof-the-art containers for storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.

    I was recently referred to William Sever with Schooley Mitchell. When we met, he explained how he would conduct a risk-free analysis of some of our expenses and show us how we could save money.

    I was most interested in having him evaluate our Merchant Services. However, we had just renegotiated our credit card fees a year earlier, so I told William to go ahead, but told him he wouldn't find anything.

    Well, I was wrong. His team found a way to cut our fees by 37%, which translated to over $10,000 the first month alone - over $100,000 annualized! We needed to switch to another vendor, but they helped us through that process and made the transition easy and quick.

    William also looked at our phones and internet and found potential savings of 70%! While this was a much smaller spend area for us, the savings he found were impressive.

    Sixteen years later and I still work too much, but I work for myself. I still do projections but they’re for my goal setting and no one else’s. I’ve seen an increase in sales every year I’ve been in business and am happy to say we broke the $2.5 million mark.

    I would highly recommend William Sever and his team to any business that would like to pay less on their current expenses, even if you're like me and think you've done a great job negotiating your costs.


    Steph Pettit

  • Fellow Non-Profit or Business Leader:

    My name is Lee Behensky and I am the Executive Director at Quantum Leap Farm in Odessa, Florida. Quantum Leap Farm exists to improve quality of life and inspire personal growth through equine-assisted therapies. We believe in the acceptance of everyone, wherever they are right now.

    One of my Board members referred me to William Sever with Schooley Mitchell for their expense reduction services. He had worked with William on other businesses in the past and knew William’s high-integrity, low-stress approach would be a great fit for Quantum Leap.

    What non-profit isn’t looking to find extra money? I’m glad they connected us! When we met, William explained how he would conduct a free analysis of some of our expenses and show us how we could save money.

    I asked him to evaluate our merchant services, phones and our waste costs. His team did the analysis for free and offered me multiple savings options. The best result was for our telecom, where he found us 48% savings – with our existing vendor! So, I didn’t have to even change internet or phone providers and saved $1,000s. What a big win for The Farm!

    The savings he found for telecom were the equivalent of us getting 60 new donors – and it only took me a couple hours of my time to make that happen. Two hours for 60 donors? I’d do that again in a second.

    William and his team were open, honest and easy to work with. I would highly recommend William Sever and his team to any non-profit or business that would like to pay less on their current expenses.

    Lee Behensky
    Executive Director

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