At Schooley Mitchell, we are passionate about finding solutions that save your business time and money. Your success is our success.

Who We Are

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada. On average, we reduce essential business service expenses by and have delivered over million in documented savings to our clients to date.

Our independent and objective recommendations are based solely on the client’s best interests. Consultants receive no kickbacks, residuals, or incentives from providers. Also, our fees are self-funded from the savings generated. If savings aren’t found, our clients don’t pay – a truly risk-free and mutually beneficial model.

Virtually every type of business, in every sector, can benefit from Schooley Mitchell’s expertise and growing cost category specializations.

Leadership Team

Beth McMillan


Dennis Schooley


Brian Tran

Director of Software Development

Julie Beaney

Director of Vendor & Client Relations

Robert Kew

Director of Operations

Mike DeBoer

Manager of Franchise Communications

Greg Kelly

Manager Of Research & Development

Isabelle Withers

Manager Of Training & Education

Pamila Kew

Post Audit Manager

Emily Griffin

Merchant Services Manager

Carmine Costanzo

Telecom Manager

Tim Lester

Small Package Shipping Manager

Kelly Wylie

Waste Supervisor

Justin Cociu

Communications & Marketing Supervisor

Joanne Sales

Franchise Development Supervisor

Jeff Lupsor

RAMP Supervisor

Erin Wagler

Client Relations Supervisor

Kate Dickenson

Vendor Relations Supervisor

Paige Parker

File Prep Supervisor

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