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Apple Wins Decade-Long Suit

A U.S. federal jury has sided with Apple in a class-action lawsuit which could have cost the company up to $1 billion. The case, which had been going on for nearly a decade, dealt with Apple allegedly blocking songs downloaded from rivals from playing on iPods. The lawsuit, filed in 2006, claimed Apple locked users into its ecosystem by blocking songs from competitors and charging more for songs than others would have. The trial, which took place over two weeks at a U.S. District Court in Oaklan...

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Skype Translator Preview Goes Live

The Skype Translator preview is now available, allowing users to get first-hand experience with the company’s long talked about real-time translation tool. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to use the universal translator from Star Trek, now is your chance. Skype’s new Translator tool might not be quite as sophisticated as the one used by the Federation, but it’s definitely a good start. The Skype Translator project allows two people who speak completely different languages to comm...

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