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AT&T Lands Proposed $600,000 Fine From FCC

In a 3-2 vote, The Federal Communications Commission voted to fine AT&T for violating the rules and regulations of some airwave licenses. The United State’s second biggest wireless carrier landed a proposed fine of $600,000. FCC officials reported AT&T operated a number of its cell sites differently from how it was authorized by the commission between 2009 and 2012. However, the Republican commissioners who voted against the fine said some information was missing and therefore couldn’t b...

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Why Trivia Crack and Candy Crush Apps are Hits

Psychologists have come up with an explanation as to why apps like Trivia Crack or Candy Crush have you so consumed. The answer is not as simple as being addicted. Games that have small, easy to complete, tasks have users constantly on their devices – such as answering one final question on Trivia Crack. Long, drawn-out games such as Chess make less successful apps for this reason. “You do a thing, you get rewarded for the thing, you get feedback on the thing, then you immediately get the...

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