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Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage

Amazon has just launched some new unlimited Cloud Drive storage plans for anyone looking to back up important files, photos and music in the cloud. Amazon’s unlimited photos plan lets you store an infinite number of images in Cloud Drive for $11.99 per year. 5GB of extra storage space will also be offered with the unlimited photos plan for storing whatever else users desire. A new “unlimited everything” plan has also been launched, giving users as much Cloud Drive space as needed to store photos...

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Tennessee Sues FCC Over City-Run Internet

The state of Tennessee is suing the FCC to overturn its recent city-friendly decision to dismantle laws that restrict municipalities from supplying broadband and competing with private companies such as AT&T and Comcast. The FCC recently re-classified broadband Internet as a utility, effectively declaring it as a right for every American and, at the same time, dismantled laws restricting competition. Now, while the broadband industry is suing the FCC to stop net neutrality rules, the state o...

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