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What We Are Not

We are not vendors of business products or services, which means we don’t sell to you, but we do help you reduce costs.

What We Are

We are professional independent consultants helping you to profit by staying on top of the marketplace on your behalf – and making sure you don’t pay more than you should for your various business services.

Our Unique Offering – Contingent on Success

We are very confident in the results that we will create for our clients, so we don’t charge any fees at all if we can’t find savings for you. We simply share in the savings we find through expense reductions and error recoveries.

Our Motivation

We are completely independent and objective. We receive no payments of any kind from vendors – we are completely motivated to help only you.


More Client Testimonials

After a thorough review and analysis, Marcel provided us with a comprehensive report and a plan to implement changes to services utilizing all of our existing providers. His analysis uncovered the savings these companies had failed to pass on to us. As a result, we are now paying over 40% less per year for these services. The best part is that every quarter, Schooley Mitchell will perform a post-audit on our services to find any additional savings which may materialize and ensure there are no billing errors. Not only is it effectively costing us nothing, we are realizing immense savings on something that we had no idea was robbing our organization of funds we could apply to our programming. I look forward to a long relationship with this incredible business.
Marilyn Matheson
Executive Director
We provided Schooley Mitchell with our bills and authorization to speak to our vendors and that was really all that was required from us. A couple of months later, Pamela Wilkins and her analyst team provided us with an extensive Value Report giving us a breakdown of our telecom expenses and what recommendations they had. Keeping our same vendors and all of our same services, they were able to save us an astounding 45% off our current bills. They found a billing error as well and got that credited back on our account before we even met to review the savings. I highly recommend any business utilizes Schooley Mitchell as a trusted telecom resource. Not only did they save us money but also, we now don't have to worry if we are getting billed properly because Schooley Mitchell continues to monitor our bills for accuracy. It doesn't cost us anything, they just share in the savings. We trust Schooley Mitchell and because we have them to look after our expenses, we can focus on our clients, projects and growth.
Shane Zuke
VP of Operations
They (Schooley Mitchell) performed a complete audit of our merchant accounts and I was pleasantly surprised when they were able to reduce our credit card fees by almost 20%, and the best part was we did not have switch providers. Schooley Mitchell took care of implementing the reduced rates and continues to monitor our account to keep the fees down. They share in the savings which means we only pay if they reduce our rates so no risk for us. Not only are we saving money but Cameron has been great to work with and very helpful through the whole process. I would strongly recommend Cameron & the Schooley Mitchell team to any business that pays credit card fees as you have nothing to lose.
Tony Klassen
Schooley Mitchell is a cost savings consultant with its head office on Ontario, and offices throughout North America. Following an analysis of our current costing Axel returned with proposals that will culminate in annual savings in excess of 30% on our wireless telephone, and over $3,500 per year on our Merchant service costing.The team at Schooley Mitchell is both professional and friendly. We are very satisfied with the service they provide. I am happy to provide this referral.
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Bobbie Barkley
Schooley Mitchell conducted a site study, and offered proposals and recommendations to maximize savings opportunities, appropriate rate structures, and fees. Based on their recommendations, the current savings outlined for the hotel is close to 25%, without having to switch from our current provider. The Schooley Mitchell team will continue to monitor, measure, and maximize these savings through on-going analysis, and ensure this program remains a measurable success. We look forward to working with John and Schooley Mitchell for the continued benefit of the hotel.
Celeste Baxter
General Manager

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