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Olsen Thielen & Co, Ltd.

“We have been pleased with their findings and process. I invested less than 2 hours of my time to work with them, and they just followed through with everything as promised. I gladly recommend Blaine Stephens of Schooley Mitchell.”

Southview Country Club

“Schooley Mitchell saved us both time and money and gave us a clear understanding of the value of the essential services we use to run our country club every day. Blaine and his team of analysts are extremely thorough in their approach and communication.”

All City Agency, LLC

“With very little time or effort invested on my part, Schooley Mitchell was able to identify over 22% savings in telecom, 38% savings on our wireless, and they upgraded our internet service with no additional costs. In addition, Schooley Mitchell promised to continue to monitor specific vendors every quarter to assure we are continuously optimizing our value. In summation, what a relief!!!”

White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce

“Just Wow! Blaine Stephens and Tim Lester from Schooley Mitchell are AMAZING! The promise that they will go to bat for you in getting the best prices for internet & phone services as well as rates on credit card processing charges is an understatement! What they have done for the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce is fantastic!”

Minnesota Cemeteries Corporation

“Blaine and his team of analysts were able to find a 76% savings for one location and 16% for the other location, resulting in an overall annual cost reduction of 46% for our business without a change of providers. They simply negotiated better rates with our current service providers using their industry knowledge and expertise.”


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