Recommendation Letter for Palleton Pallets

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of a great business, Palleton Pallets. Palleton Pallets designs and manufactures high quality wooden pallets for clients in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

Founded in 1986, Palleton Pallets is located in Albert Lea, Minnesota where it manufactures a wide range of pallet types. Whether you’re looking for new stringer or block pallets, custom pallets to fit your exact needs, or recycled and used pallets as an affordable alternative to new, it has the lumber you need ready for purchase.

Palleton Pallets is owned by Tim and Deb Breuer and is managed by their oldest son, Matt. The entire team is committed to the preservation of the environment and believe in reusing products as much as possible. Any waste generated from manufacturing is recycled into wood composite material and used for biofuels, landscape products and animal bedding rather than simply discarded.

I highly recommend Palleton Pallets to anyone looking for a reputable source for pallets of all kinds in the Albert Lea area. The team will happily help you find the exact solution for your unique needs at an affordable cost.

Yours truly,

Blaine Stephens
Schooley Mitchell

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