Apollo Beach, Florida

William Sever

Business Optimization Specialist
Office: 813-443-9847

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Clean Earth Systems, Inc.

“I was most interested in having him evaluate our Merchant Services. However, we had just renegotiated our credit card fees a year earlier, so I told William to go ahead, but told him he wouldn’t find anything. Well, I was wrong. His team found a way to cut our fees by 37%, which translated to over $10,000 the first month alone -over $100,000 annualized! We needed to switch to another vendor, but they helped us through that process and made the transition easy and quick.”

Quantum Leap Farm

“The savings he found for telecom were the equivalent of us getting 60 new donors – and it only took me a couple hours of my time to make that happen. Two hours for 60 donors? I’d do that again in a second.”

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