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Paying Too Much For Your Business Services?

You save MONEY without sacrificing service

Our model is risk-free, and our only compensation is a share of the savings we identify for you – money you are already spending with vendors. We realize these savings by implementing cost-effective solutions and cost-recovery measures for you.

You save TIME without increasing your payroll

We augment the efforts of your existing staff without adding payroll costs. There are no other fees for our service except for a share of the recovered money.

You benefit from our KNOWLEDGE and experience

As the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America, we have extensive research and analysis capabilities. Our growing network of cost reduction professionals, and our specialized analysis tools and databases, means our expertise is second-to-none.

You gain a sense of SECURITY through our objectivity

We are completely objective in assessing your current and future business needs, with no ties to any service provider. You can be confident you are getting the best advice to help you make the right decisions.

Numbers Speak

We have produced over
in documented savings for more than
across North America.

What We Consult On

Merchant Services
Small Package Shipping
Electronic Logging Devices
Compressed Gases
Facility Supplies
Less Than Truckload
Software as a Service
Uniforms & Linens
Unified Communications as a Service


Hancock Farm & Seed Company

“We are very pleased with the continuing service William and his team are providing for us. Schooley Mitchell is clearly working with our best interest s in mind. They are providing us with their time to keep on top of these services, allowing us the time to best serve our clients and customers without having to worry about our merchant services and shipping costs.”

David L. Smith Surveying & Mapping

“They helped us save over 41% with our telecom cost. We knew we could not loose because we are only being billed on actual savings, if there had been no savings with their cost analysis there would have been no fees. This has proved to be a great service for us. While we are running our core business of providing our clients with our expertise in surveys, construction layout, builder package, plat preparation and more, we simply did not have the time or the in-depth knowledge to take care of our cost as we should.”

Daniel Jeanneret

“Initially, I doubted that William would be able to save money on my telecom expenses since I was very careful about negotiating my best deal. However, what I learned is that, even though I had done a respectable job on my own, I could not match the resources, knowledge and know-how of William and the Schooley Mitchell organization.”

Florida Jetclean

“The knowledge and expertise Schooley Mitchell brings to the table in our behalf is fantastic, furthermore, William’s analysts have been so helpful throughout the initial analysis and on-going. It really is a team effort from Schooley Mitchell. Through their help we are now secure that these service costs and needs for our business are now having the proper attention paid to them that they deserve.”

Emerge 180

“The benefit to Schooley Mitchell’s services are clear, his team spent the time negotiating independently on our behalf, while we spend our time doing what we do best, he only represents us and not any of the service providers. We have not only saved money now but we are secure knowing that William and his team are continuing to look over our shoulder making sure we are always paying the right price and on the right deal.”

ITW Consulting Corp.

“We were pleasantly surprised to find that William’s analysis had produced 40% savings on our telecoms costs while working with the providers to ensure a smooth path to these savings. William also produces a report for us every three months ensuring we are always on the right plans and never paying too much for these services.”

Tampa Bay Job Links

“The whole process of working with William and his team was a pleasure – they genuinely have their client’s best interest at heart and not the interest of the service providers. It would be nice if more consulting services were as objective in their approach as Schooley Mitchell.”

The Peregrine Institute

“I highly recommend that whatever your business is you should contact William with Schooley Mitchell. Their process makes it so easy, they saved us valuable time and money on our telecoms costs and provided us with peace of mind with our merchant services.”

Pomodoro Pizza & More

“If you are in business you should talk to William at Schooley Mitchell, he takes the time to look at your costs objectively and returns with a very professional report and continues to monitor for you moving forward. He is truly on your side. Most businesses are paying too much for their merchant services expenses, and William will have a look for you and it only costs if he increases your bottom line.”

Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County

“William and his team brought in the knowledge and expertise to do this very thorough analysis for us. Our telecoms resulted in some savings now with more to come as Schooley Mitchell continues to monitor on our behalf. The process helped us take a close look at what we are paying for and the services we could eliminate. The best bit was that William’s analysis saved us 32% on our merchant services costs and we stayed with the same provider”

Lightning Restoration of Tampa Bay

“The deal with Schooley Mitchell is that after they do their analysis (which is also ongoing) you only pay them if there are savings found…nothing to lose. The analysis report that they produce is highly professional and allows you see what you are paying for in easy to understand format. If there can be any improvements to your services, they negotiate savings on your behalf. It really is a smooth and easy process.”

Andres N. Oliveros- Andres N. Oliveros P.A.

“Schooley Mitchell do so much more than just looking for savings for us; they take care of all our telecom needs now and in the future. They go that extra mile in everything they do. It’s like having our own professional telecoms consulting team – and I only pay them if they generate savings for us!”

West Pasco Habitat for Humanity

“Thanks to Schooley Mitchell, we now understand what we are paying for and what we should be paying for. In addition to this knowledge, William and his team look after implementing all options, which allows us time to focus on what we are passionate about: building decent, affordable houses with community partners and qualified families.”

Honest 1 Auto Care of Carrollwood

“Because of bringing in William and his team at Schooley Mitchell we saved 33% per year on our telecoms expenses and 24% on our merchant services expenses. We thought we already got a great deal for both services and were pleasantly surprised with the level of savings found. Furthermore, William’s services go further as he will be monitoring our telecom and merchant services expenses and services monthly making sure we are always paying the correct amount and receiving the right service.”

Aussie Pet Mobile Tampa Bay

“No matter what your business is, William and his Schooley Mitchell team can find you savings and security in knowing that you are on the right plans, paying the right price at the right time. Great to know that Schooley Mitchell are looking out for my telecom and merchant services needs now and in the future. “

Impeccable Smiles

“Schooley Mitchell has the knowledge and expertise necessary to deal with the companies in the credit card and telecom industry, which frees us up to do what we do best- providing top notch dental care to our patients, with the reassurance that I will always get the best plans and prices to suit my dental practice.”

Rivera Chiropractic

“Any business that has not had Schooley Mitchell perform an audit and analysis of their telecoms expenses is quite simply leaving money on the table. I did not think anyone could find more savings on my plans but Schooley Mitchell did and I am so glad I took the time to sit down with William and have his team to look at my telecom expenses. No matter what your business is, I highly recommend their services. “

Tampa Bay Elder Law

“William and his team were great at working with us to explain all their recommendations and the entire process was seamless and required little effort on our part. Schooley Mitchell’s process is thorough, professional, and now provides me with a quarterly review of our telecommunications costs, which is a great comfort and something that I just don’t have the time or expertise to do on my own.”

Trinity Wealth Management Group

“I am very pleased to recommend to you the consulting services of William McKissock of Schooley Mitchell. William is with us over a longer period making sure we are always on the right plans and always paying the right price. Great service, great experience!”

Girderman Inc.

“Although I am very busy running my practice I do keep a close eye on the associated administration and relevant costs of my business. I felt that I had all my costs under control, however, when William McKissock came along to do an analysis of my phones, internet and all my telecommunication costs and plans where he then produced a comprehensive report value report, I was very pleased and surprised that William was able to save me over $4,000. Furthermore, these savings were with us staying with the same provider. “

Fresh Legal Perspective

“I was very impressed by the comprehensive value report that William delivered and gladly accepted his recommendation to reduce my expenses. Although I am very much on top of my telecommunications billing and we still saw a 6.25% reduction on our internet expenses and look forward to more savings as Schooley Mitchell continues to monitor ow local and long distance contracts.”

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