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” 65% of businesses surveyed anticipate a recession in the next six months, and 63% report having already been negatively impacted by inflation.”

The following article was shared by EBN on October 11th, 2022: In the face of a recession, business owners avoid cutting salaries and benefits By  […]

“70% of Canadian businesses expect to do cost cutting over the next year.”

The following article was shared by Modus Research on September 26th, 2022: In dealing with inflation, most Canadian businesses plan to cut costs In the […]

Advice from Gartner: 7 Cost-Reduction Mistakes to Avoid

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Companies Start to Lean More on Cost Savings Amid Persistent Inflation

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Solving The Need To Cut Costs In IT And Engineering Services In A Recession

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Companies Weigh Fresh Cuts as Operating Costs Go Up

According the Wall Street Journal, “Businesses are reducing office space, scaling back on consulting and opting for cheaper packaging of goods as they look to […]

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