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Marc Schwalb

Office: 412-406-8524

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Guardian Storage

“Marc came back to us with a savings recommendation that would end up saving us over 30% regarding our waste disposal costs, which equated to thousands in savings that we could invest in other aspects of our business. As time moved along in our relationship with Marc, I soon realized that the monetary savings were just part of the package. Marc oversees the monitoring of the account, which includes assessing for billing errors and working to get them refunded, management of changes needed such as size of containers or frequency of pick-ups, negotiating pricing for roll-off containers for construction projects and correcting missed pick-ups or scheduling additional pick-ups.”

American Office Installers

“Marc and his team presented to us that for our credit card processing, we were set up on a rate structure that was not the best fit for our organization. We decided to take their recommendation for a supplier switch where we got much lower rates and less fees. We were also pleased that the switch was implemented without issue as Marc and the vendor we worked with were in sync on set-up and training. Right away we ended up saving over 30% from our previous pricing.”

Pittsburgh Property Diva

“Marc and his team were very professional and showed the patience that is needed when negotiating better pricing. We’re glad that we brought Schooley Mitchell in to manage this expense for us and we’re pleased that as part of their service they will monitor our statements quarterly to ensure we continue to be optimized. Pittsburgh Property Diva recommends Marc and his team without hesitation.”

Merit Electrical Group, Inc.

“We were very happy with the results that Schooley Mitchell brought to us in their value report. We were able to save 14% on our wireless services and 20% on our local services. The savings generated will save us enough money where we could put that money into other areas of need for our business.”

United Plate Glass Company

“What impressed us was that Schooley Mitchell recommended savings that were less than the maximum that could be achieved because they understood the impact to our business efficiency. It is wonderful to have a true independent consultant that doesn’t have financial ties to any providers, who is looking out for your best interests. We were very pleased with the work done by Marc and his team at Schooley Mitchell. We absolutely recommend their services to anyone looking at cost reduction.”

Mascari Auto Body, Inc.

“We’ve been very pleased with the results that Schooley Mitchell brought to us. On the telecommunications side, they were able to find us approximately 28% in savings on our wireless bill and some additional savings on our local and data services. The best part was that they were able to do so while keeping us with our current providers. On the merchant services end Schooley Mitchell was able to reduce our processing rates and fees substantially! Here, they saved us 35% without us having to switch our processing company or banking relationship. Both results will save us thousands each year!”

CJL Engineering

“Marc is easy to work with, proactive in his dealings with various telecommunication vendors, and effectively communicates his ideas. The reports produced by Schooley Mitchell are clear, helpful and easy to read. Schooley Mitchell also has an ongoing process to monitor the marketplace for supplemental recommendations for our company should they arise.”

Patrick Financial Co., Inc.

“The best part of working with Marc is that he doesn’t stop working for you once they reduce the pricing. They are constantly looking for more ways to save money and they are always there to take a phone call and problem solve with you. I recommend anyone that is having issues with their telecom or thinks they may be spending too much to call Marc and have him come in for a visit. It will undoubtedly be worth your time.”

Dell Fastener Corporation

“We’re so appreciative of the hard work and honesty that Schooley has demonstrated to us. Their business model is as transparent as they state it to be … meaning you don’t pay for Schooley’s services until you, the client, realize the savings in your income statement.”

IGS Industries

“We have been engaged with Marc and his team for over 2 years. They’ve helped us reduce costs significantly regarding our small package shipping expenses and our credit card processing expenses. The results have saved our company thousands of dollars that we can invest back into our business in other needed areas.”


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