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Sexual Assault Help Center, Inc.

“Schooley Mitchell has provided significant assistance to us with our telecom needs, and saved us money, as well as time. We highly recommend that other businesses or not for profits engage Schooley Mitchell, to assist them with their telecom and other cost reduction services.”

Saad Dixon Law Offices PLLC

“Schooley Mitchell has shown us that when we come off our current telephone and internet contracts they will get us shifted to more favorable pricing that will double the savings they already obtained for us.”

Shield Roofing & Construction LLC

“To date, Schooley Mitchell has delivered on what they had shown us. The savings are within 1% of what was projected. They are continuing to monitor our bills monthly and if there are problems they go to bat for us.”

Access Urgent Medical Care

“We are grateful to have Schooley Mitchell vigilantly looking over our interests as consultants and bill auditors. “

Boyd County EMS

“I would highly recommend your business or organization engage Schooley Mitchell to have an audit done. Your business or organization can only profit from the results.”

The Jordan Center

“Schooley Mitchell has negotiated lower rates for us. They know industry pricing is for different services. That knowledge is difficult to come by without spending a great deal of research time.”

Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC

“Schooley Mitchell was able to identify errors in our long distance billing, and obtain a five figure refund for us, They also helped us to save hundreds of dollars per month in costs. This was enough to fund our telecommunications upgrades, without increasing our telecommunications budget.”

Capco Steel Inc.

“I would highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to other construction companies… In today’s environment costs are rising and finding a way to decrease costs directly improves our profitability and is a very welcome benefit to us.”

Team for West Virginia Children

“Across all locations for which [Schooley Mitchell] could find savings, the savings averaged 22%. This amounts to a significant amount of money each month to us, funds that we can use in other ways to meet our mission of preventing child maltreatment.”

Huntington Museum of Art

“I would heartily recommend that any not-for-profit or business entity utilize the services of Schooley Mitchell to eliminate billing errors.”

High Performance Computer Service

“We have been impressed with Schooley Mitchell’s diligence and willingness to look at our accounts thoroughly looking for every possible way to save money. I would highly recommend other firms engage Schooley Mitchell to look at their expenses, to see what savings can be achieved, and how accounts can be optimized.”

Hobby Town

“Schooley Mitchell has helped us above and beyond just cost savings. Their expertise has helped us to move one of our physical locations, and allowed us to focus on the store move, while they handled the telecom and internet portion of the move for us. Schooley Mitchell also helped us to change vendors in order to improve internet bandwidth, and have more reliable service.”

Patriot Meat Processing

“The Schooley Mitchell service seemed too good to be true. No cost up front, and no payments for their share of the savings, until the savings were showing up on our bill, was just different. Nevertheless, Lee and Marla have been true to their word. When there are service issues we call them and they take care of the problems with the vendors. When our phones have gone out due to electrical system issues on our premises, Lee has come down to fix them. I highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any business that is looking to decrease their costs and improve their services.”

Community Nursing Services of North East

“So far, this review has not taken much of our time. We look forward to having Schooley Mitchell implementing these changes for us and overseeing the process. This is going to save us time and money, utilizing their knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend having Schooley Mitchell do a review of any not for profit, or for profit entity to save them money, and resolve problems with their technical expertise as consultants.”

Kahle Builders

“When Schooley Mitchell approached us about optimizing costs with our essential business services, we felt it would be worthwhile to investigate since we have very little time to manage these services… Their recommendations resulted in a little over 20% of savings with our wired service and 45% of savings with wireless. All without sacrificing the services we were using… They also monitor our accounts on a monthly basis to ensure the savings are realized and keep us optimized as our needs evolve and change.”

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Schooley Mitchell Strategic-Partner Lee Balaklaw provides a testimonial for Chuck Williams at Classy Limousine and the excellent service he provides.

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Billing Error Story

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Lee & Marla Balaklaw – Discussion Board Contributions – 2017

Lee & Marla Balaklaw — Discussion Board Contributions – 2017 Business Optimization Specialists Lee & Marla Balaklaw were recently awarded the Discussion Board Contributions award […]

Schooley Mitchell Annual Conference 2017

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My Awards & Achievements

Lee Balaklaw — Discussion Board Contributions – 2016 Business Optimization Specialist Lee Balaklaw was recently awarded the Discussion Board Contributions award by Schooley Mitchell Head […]

Schooley Mitchell Annual Conference 2016

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