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Jim Lichtenberg

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Art’s Muffler and Tire, Inc.

“Jim went through our expense categories and identified the review of our merchant services as the most impactful for us while also looking into our tire recycling service. Jim listened to our needs with our CC processing as he provided a solution which brought ease of use with annual savings estimated over 25% with no cost for new equipment which was important to us.”

The Barn on York

“It was important to us that we not only improve our process time with an integrated solution, but to also save money each month. Jim listened to us as they found a recommendation that allowed us to use an integrated process without any new equipment and save us 19% on our processing every month!”

Miichelle Lancour Dentistry

“It was important to us that we kept the same process for merchant services due to our system integration. Jim listened to us as [Schooley Mitchell] found us savings of 21.5% while staying with out current process without any new equipment or changes to our banking system!”

Master Plan Communications

“It was clear Jim listened to what was important for our business, as [Schooley Mitchell] found us an option that allowed us to stay with our current cable and internet provider while saving us 30% every month…”

Claggett & Sons

“Jim is very professional, helpful, and easy to work with.”

Cardinal CT

“The results Jim presented was an incredible savings of 62% that took away our pain point and saves our facility thousands of dollars a year!”

Keeler & Nadler

“We were pleased with the review process, their professionalism and the results. We would highly recommend Jim Lichtenberg of Schooley Mitchell to any organization or business that is interested in finding solutions that best fit their business for the lowest price possible.”

Dublin Dental Associates

“The results Jim presented was a savings of over 10% by staying with our integrated vendor. Jim also showed us other opportunities of savings over 25% if we switched. Jim spent time going over what a switch in vendors would entail and after further discussion, it was determined staying with our current vendor was the right choice for us at this time. The best part is Jim and his team did not push us to make the switch, rather discussed all the options and helped us determine the best choice.”

Screen Machine Industries

“It is nice to know that there is a company like Schooley Mitchell that is looking out for our best interest and we are fortunate to have their expertise and guidance. I would strongly recommend Jim Lichtenberg and the Schooley Mitchell team to any business needing to improve their bottom line by finding profit dollars in their expenses.”

Buxton Inn

“The results Jim presented was an impressive savings of over 24%, which equates to thousands of dollars a year. The savings meant changing vendors, but Jim outlined a plan and helped us throughout the implementation process.”


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