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Velocity Clubhouse

“They managed to help us reduced our waste cost by 26.59% and merchant services by 45.29%. In addition, we wanted a physical terminal to process some of our credit card payments, and Schooley Mitchell covered 50% of the cost. His team continues to audit our statements every month to ensure our bills are free from errors and unwanted price increase.”

Bill’s Service Center

“For our telecom area, he shared with us that our provider had been charging us extra fees and taxes over the last 5 years on services that we were not subscribed to. His team managed to get our provider to credit our account for all those years of extra payment. In addition, Denis’ team also found a solution of saving our telecom bill by about 44%. Our first year saving is about $4,500 just on our telecom bill.”

Cedar Creek Manor

“After five years, we were paying almost double compared to what our initial contracted price was. When Denis said that his audit was risk-free, we decided that we had nothing to lose and agreed to sign the service agreement with Schooley Mitchell. About six weeks later, Denis and his team presented to us their value report. They managed to find a reduction of our cost by 58.66%.”

Heinzen Printing & Promotional

“Schooley Mitchell’s cost-reduction service has allowed me to re-invest some of these savings in other areas of my business. l strongly encourage any company or organization to reach out to Denis Tan of Schooley Mitchell to see how much money and time he can save you.”

Heil Ginseng, INC.

“Schooley Mitchell looked at our business expenses and came back with several recommendations where we could save money. One of the recommendations was to wait for a few months to switch our phone vendors so that we could save 32% in our telecom bills. Schooley Mitchell handled the full implementation, including the port-over and activation of devices. They also looked at our waste bill and managed to save us 37% immediately while staying with our incumbent vendor.”

Columbus Catholic School

“Denis did exactly what he said he would do and helped CCS with optimizing our bills. I strongly recommend Denis and Schooley Mitchell to anyone looking to keep their operating costs in check.”

Stolze’s Wausau Auto Repair

“Schooley Mitchell performed an analysis on our telecom and waste bill. When Denis presented the value report to me, I was very surprised to see that he managed to find me some savings without the need to switch out any of my vendors. He helped me save 21.70% on my phone bills and 24.99% on my waste bill, including the removal of some fees that I used to pay every month.”

Shirley’s House of Hope

“…concerning our Telecom expense, I personally asked for new pricing, but they [service provider] would not negotiate. Schooley Mitchell managed to find Shirley’s House of Hope a 12.74% savings.”

Ray’s Electric Service

“I was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that they demonstrated. When they presented the value report for Waste, they found 26% in annual savings while still maintaining the same levels of service. They also had a high degree of detail to back up their analysis.”

Belvedere Supper Club

“Schooley Mitchell’s cost-reduction service has helped put significant money back into my business. I strongly encourage any company to contact Denis Tan of Schooley Mitchell to help them save money and the time to do so.”

Art’s Body Shop

“After a few weeks, Denis and his team came back with recommendations. Out of the three recommendations, we went with their best solution which was to stay with our current waste provider and reap in over 26% in savings. A few months have passed now, and we are truly seeing those savings in our waste bill every month.”

89Q Radio

“Through the whole process, Denis and his team were very patient and understanding. I strongly encourage Denis Tan of Schooley Mitchell to any business. If he and his team can find you savings, I’m sure it will help improve your bottom line.”

R&R Flooring & Furniture

“Towards the end of 2021, I decided to have Denis take a look at our merchant services statements. His team performed an audit and managed to get us some savings, 17.86% in savings. Without the need to switch vendors, Denis and his team managed to bring our overall effective rate down to about 1.87% in merchant processing fees every month.”

Doorworks Inc.

“Schooley Mitchell performed their analysis and provided us with a value report six weeks later. On our telecom bill, we were already optimized and there were no savings found. However, for our garbage roll-off dumpster, while we were still in contract with the current vendor, Denis and his team managed to reduce the base cost as well as the tonnage weight, giving us an additional savings of 13%.”

Stratford Sign Company

“With a little bit of time spent on fact finding and document gathering, Denis and his team was able to identify some savings for us. Based on the value report that was presented, Schooley Mitchell found that we were optimized in our telecom bills, but managed to find some additional savings without the need to switch vendors in merchant processing and small package shipping; additional savings of 6% on merchant processing fees, and 20% on small package shipping.”

Kuyoth Body & Custom Inc.

“Denis took care of everything. He was able to find us 22.94% savings on our internet bill, some additional discounts on our phone bill, 32.23% savings on small package shipping, 11.13% savings on our garbage bill, and 29.10% on merchant processing fees. Denis and his team assisted with all the implementation of change. Today, he continues to keep us posted on the monthly audits to make sure that our pricing continues to be optimized.”

Stratford Homes

“As a reputable builder, we rely heavily on streamlined and cost-effective operational support. Denis and his team negotiated well and got me better rates which has resulted in good savings for my company. In addition, I also receive continuous project management, account assessment and monitoring of my waste expenses. I recommend Denis to any business looking at reducing monthly operating expenses. He will bring your business great results without you having to spend more money and time.”

Northside Elevators

“Denis and his team at Schooley Mitchell provided an independent analysis of our Waste bill . In the value report that was presented to us, Denis and his team were able to find an average of 50% in savings amongst all of our three locations. About a month after these changes were implemented, Schooley Mitchell came back with even more savings. They managed to get us an additional 10% savings on top of what was already offered before. As our business expands, we will continue working with Schooley Mitchell to make sure our expenses are optimized. I strongly encourage any company to contact Denis Tan of Schooley Mitchell to help them save time, money and resources.”


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