Pennsylvania woman hit with surprise bill from Verizon

Christine Paparo of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania is not a heavy data user, relying mainly on her WiFi for video and her home phone for communication. Needless to say, Paparo was shocked when Verizon sent her a bill for $2,385 for data – seven times her family of five’s usual monthly bill. According to The Morning Call, August’s phone bill showed that Paparo’s phone had used 172 gigabytes, with nearly all usage happening within a span of five days. Paparo, naturally, decided to challenge the bill, and told The Morning Call that several customer service agents “acknowledged it wasn’t typical and

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Comcast pays $2.3 million to settle erroneous billing charge

According to an article from Surghar Daily, Comcast has agreed to pay $2.3 million to settle an investigation by The Federal Communications Commission for allegedly wrongfully charging customers for cable subscriptions and equipment they never ordered. The FCC has said “Comcast asserts that erroneous charges, including those occasioned by employee error, which do not involve deceit or the company’s intentionally ‘duping’ customers, can not constitute prohibited negative option billing within the meaning of relevant authority or Commission precedent.” From now on, Comcast is required to ask more clearly what customers want before charging them for new services or equipment, as

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Verizon Under Fire Again for Overcharging

According to Fortune, the Federal Communications Commission has recently confirmed it is investigating complaints from Verizon Wireless customers about strange data billing. Among those complaints are upticks in customers’ mobile usage when they’re asleep, data usage surging from single digits into hundreds of gigabytes, and even a case of a deceased man’s phone suddenly triggering overages on his widow’s account. The billing issues were first uncovered by financial reporter and columnist for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Teresa Dixon Murray. She also revealed an error in 2010 that led to a substantial fine for Verizon. Murray wrote that her family received

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Cloud Services Keeping Apple Afloat

Apple’s having a rough time financially –the company saw its first decline in revenue in over a decade this quarter. iPhone sales have dropped 18 percent, iPad 19 percent and Mac nine percent. But every cloud has a silver lining, and Apple’s cloud could be keeping it afloat. Apple’s cloud services include the App Store and Apple Music, areas in which revenue has jumped 20 percent to $6 billion. The only thing ahead of it is “Other Products” which include Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats and other such products. To put the success of Apple’s cloud services in perspective, it

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Dealing With Telecom Companies is Like …

Could one stupid mix-up rob you of your dream home? According to mortgage broker Robert McLister, it sure can. He hits the nail on the head in his piece from The Globe and Mail – this paragraph accurately describes the struggle of dealing with telecom companies that are reluctant to admit to any wrongdoing, under any circumstances. “Upon realizing the credit damage, it became an epic battle with the cellphone company. Convincing unsympathetic customer service reps that their employer made a mistake is like persuading Hillary Clinton to vote for Donald Trump.” While our focus at Schooley Mitchell is business,

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Schooley Mitchell Lawsuit Watch: A Big Verizon Rip-Off?

In this edition of the Schooley Mitchell lawsuit watch, a consumer advocacy group is squaring off against Verizon, accusing the telecom giant of scamming customers and diverting the funds to expand its wireless and fiber optic networks. The New Networks Institute alleges Verizon has overcharged New York landline subscribers to the tune of $1,000 to $1,500 each, spending the money on infrastructure improvements and corporate expenses.  New Networks executive director Bruce Kushnick says Verizon is overcharging for its copper-based landline service and that its other services are a rip-off. For example, call forwarding and call waiting costs $7.95 per month,

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Huge Bill for Cell Sold Online

Smartphones are expensive and it’s not unusual for someone to try to get back a few bucks by selling their old phone online. But one Canadian woman has learned an important lesson after receiving a bill for over $45,000 for a phone she no longer owned. Kelly Arsenault opened a business account with Telus several years ago and when her three-year contract was up, she posted the phone on Craigslist and promptly sold it. She thought the account had been closed. So imagine her surprise when she opened the outrageous bill. Turns out, as far as Telus was concerned, the

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firefox for ios

Firefox Adds Push Notifications

Enjoy the push notifications that browsers like Chrome and Safari offer? Clearly Mozilla does, because it had updated its Firefox 44 browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux to include them. The push notifications work only with your permission, for websites you specifically choose. That being said, if you update Firefox and don’t want push notifications, you have the choice not to enable them at all. “This is similar to Web notifications, except how you can receive notifications for websites even when they’re not loaded in a tab,” Mozilla said, in a release. This is super useful for websites like email,

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Programmer Fights Comcast Data Ripoff

You need to chose your battles and Comcast picked the wrong guy to take on in a fight against false data overages. According to Ars Technica – which has the lockdown on telecom scam stories, these days – a computer programmer named Oleg (last name withheld) started receiving notices from Comcast that he was eating through his data allowance. This didn’t make sense to Oleg, as he was out of town when the overages started. Being a computer guy, Oleg checked out his traffic logs and surprise, surprise – they didn’t match Comcast’s records. “Metering an empty house, they warned

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phone billing error

Police Victims of Huge Phone Billing Error

The North Wales Police Service is in the news this week and taxpayers are up in arms after the force paid tons of cash for mobile phone service it hadn’t used for years. Many seem shocked a phone billing error like this could happen. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, I’m only barely surprised. Wait, I’m not surprised at all. All in all, the cops are in the hole for over $840,000 USD for the unused service, which went on for two years before it was spotted. The BBC reports the force has been in touch with the

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