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Should you buy or lease a card terminal?

For today’s merchants, offering quick and accessible payment options is a must. For physical locations, that often means keeping up to date with the latest quality terminal technology.   One of the tougher decisions can be whether to rent those current terminals from your provider, or purchase them outright. In this

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The Future of the Office

In the twentieth century, tech brought people to the office – but now it’s sending them home. For decades, employees needed to go to the office to use the fax

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Engaging Customers During a Pandemic

Uncertain times are challenging. As the economy plunges into recession, analysts across the world have been using market-based data to track the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the various

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Chargebacks & Friendly Fraud

If your business accepts credit cards, you’re likely familiar with the basics of credit card fraud and chargebacks. If you’re not, here’s the rundown: Banks, payment processing networks and fintech

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