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Paying too much for your organization's crucial services?

You save MONEY without sacrificing service

Our model is risk-free, and our only compensation is a share of the savings we identify for you – money you are already spending with vendors. We realize these savings by implementing cost-effective solutions and cost-recovery measures for you.

You save TIME without increasing your payroll

We augment the efforts of your existing staff without adding payroll costs. There are no other fees for our service except for a share of the recovered money.

You benefit from our KNOWLEDGE and experience

As the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America, we have extensive research and analysis capabilities. Our growing network of cost reduction professionals, and our specialized analysis tools and databases, means our expertise is second-to-none.

You gain a sense of SECURITY through our objectivity

We are completely objective in assessing your current and future business needs, with no ties to any service provider. You can be confident you are getting the best advice to help you make the right decisions.

Numbers Speak

We have produced over
in documented savings for more than
across North America.

My Expertise

I have 20+ years’ experience developing and managing innovative and efficient programs, so I know the importance of reducing costs and generating revenue. My goal is to help organizations optimize their operating costs so that those savings can be reallocated to their mission and people.

Schooley Mitchell delivers objective advice and analysis to ensure you are receiving exactly what your organization needs, at the best price, and not paying for services you don’t need or use, so you increase profits. We are independent of all vendors and act only with your best interests in mind. With an average of 28% savings found, our services are risk free – there is no cost to you unless savings are found.

Let's connect and explore how we can help your organization achieve greater cost efficiency and maximize profits. Together, we'll unlock the untapped potential within your expenses.

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When it comes to saving money for your business, the best time to start is right now. Reach out today for a risk-free analysis of your business expenses.

Schooley Mitchell saves our clients an average of 28%, and our entire process takes less than two hours of your time on average. Stop paying your vendors more than you need to. Let Schooley Mitchell put that money back in your pocket.