Your team has more important things to do than conducting thorough audits of your expenses. Thankfully, that’s what Schooley Mitchell does, all day, every day. We optimize your expenses so you can focus on doing what you do best – providing professional solutions to your clients’ business and advisory needs.

At Schooley Mitchell, we’re entirely independent. Our consultants don’t accept kickbacks or incentives from service providers, and our process is completely risk-free. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to generate savings for our clients, we’ve based our business model on that very fact. If we can’t deliver on savings, we don’t get paid.


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Telecom Expenses

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Merchant Services Fees


How predictable is your waste every month?

Variability in your waste from month-to-month makes a big difference to certain service providers.

Is your container size and collection frequency optimized?

Finding a provider that is both cost effective and meets your needs can be challenging.

Are your waste disposal fees changing frequently over the course of the year?

A professional audit of your expenses can get to the bottom of it.

Merchant Services

Do you reference the "effective rate" to evaluate how competitive your processing fees are?

A blended pricing structure makes it more difficult to fully understand all the factors impacting your fees.

Do you know how your current processing environment impacts your processing fees?

How you process payments and capture data can have a big impact on your monthly fees.

Have you asked your processor to provide you an "interchange-plus pricing" quote?

This pricing structure is often the least expensive and most transparent option.


Have you conducted a recent usage audit across your telecommunications system?

In many cases, we find inefficiencies and redundancies in the number of lines and features.

Have you considered moving to a Voice over IP platform?

Cloud based telecommunications systems typically provide unique features at lower costs.

Do you know when your current plan automatically renews?

Companies typically only have a 30-day window to make changes to their current contract.


Have you considered splitting your shipping business across multiple vendors?

Vendors tend to specialize in certain areas so playing to their unique strengths can reduce your overall costs.

Are you paying for unnecessary delivery guarantees?

Being more flexible on delivery times can significantly reduce your costs.

Do you review your monthly statements to ensure the correct charge codes are used?

Charge codes can be very confusing and require a detailed review to ensure you are being charged correctly.

Case Study

The Client:

  • Signs a Service Agreement that covers our business terms
  • Provides us with bills, or online access to their accounts, so we can establish a baseline of their current rate structure
  • Signs a letter of agency, so we can negotiate with their current vendors
  • Describes their current processing environment

Schooley Mitchell:

  • Uses our benchmarking data to research options nad negotiates better pricing for the client
  • Requests, reviews, and validates competitive quotes from other processors
  • Negotiates with the current vendor for a re-rate
  • Compiles our research and recommendations into a Value Report
  • Assists with the cancellation of services if needed
  • Assists with compliance standards
  • Implements pricing and changes
  • Confirms the new price 30 days after implementation

Client A:

An attorneys office, with an average annual revenue between $1 to $5 million. Their pain points included:

  • Very poor service experience from incumbent phone system provider left them without phones for multiple employees with no clear path forward to close gap
  • Concerned costs for overnight document shipping were out of line with no ability to compare to the broader market
  • Limited time to investigate phone providers and shipping costs and no market data to use while negotiating

Client A sought Schooley Mitchell’s marketplace intelligence and expertise to assist with a phone transition and to save money across essential services.

Schooley Mitchell's Solution:

  • Reduced shipping, data/internet, and waste removal costs with no vendor change
  • Coordinated transition of phone system to a modern platform, added needed phone, and reduced phone system spend

Annual Savings:









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