Schooley Mitchell is the Perfect Way to Serve Non-Profits

Serving Non-Profits is one of the simplest ways for Schooley Mitchell to serve the Community and to help. Schooley Mitchell can provide the resources (time, money, knowledge and security) that many Non-Profits need, giving them more time and dollars to serve.

The process is easy! If a Non-Profit signs a Service Agreement with Schooley Mitchell of Humble, they can reduce their expenses. And after they receive their savings, as her personal commitment, Lori McDowell will make a personal donation of 10% of her fee back to the Non-Profit!

You help my business grow, while I support your Non-Profit with savings and a personal donation!

It’s a win for everyone involved!

Lori McDowell

Humble, Texas

P: 832-827-7534

M: 281-740-2865

Non-Profit Annual Expenses:

% of Expenses Addressable By Schooley Mitchell:


Average % Savings to Non-Profit:


Expenses Addressable by Schooley Mitchell:


Non-Profit Annual Savings:


Non-Profit Realized Savings Over 36 Month contract:


Non-Profit Shares Saving with Schooley Mitchell:


Production Fees:


Non-Profit Donation:


Total Paid to Non-Profit over 36 Months:


Non-Profit Monthly Revenue:


* These calculations are for example purposes and may not represent actual revenue amounts.