Referral Partnerships are the easiest way for professionals to support each other.

Strong business communities thrive because of trusted partnerships.

Referral partnerships are one of the simplest ways for professionals to help others, while helping themselves.

The process is easy! If you or someone you know, would be interested in referring others to my business, you'll make a percentage commission every time I successfully find those businesses savings.

You help my business grow, help another business become more profitable, and in return, you're earning a residual income.

It's a win for everyone involved!

Fred Carter

Akron, Ohio

P: 330-708-2944

Company Revenue:

Annual Expenses as a % of revenue:


% of Expenses Addressable By Schooley Mitchell:


Average % Savings to Client:


Client Annual Expenses:


Expenses Addressable by Schooley Mitchell:


Client Annual Savings:


Client Realized Savings Over 36 Month contract:


Client Shares Saving with Schooley Mitchell:


Production Fees:


Referral Fee %:


Total Paid to Referral Partner over 36 Months:


Referral Partner Monthly Revenue:


* These calculations are for example purposes and may not represent actual revenue amounts.