Current economic challenges have made it imperative for Medical offices to continually assess their fiscal health in order to find ways to counter rising costs and staffing shortages. Many of these Doctors know they can easily spend up to 36+ hours a week treating patients – leaving little time to help develop and maintain strategies to increase profitability or evaluate new opportunities to streamline operations. Most MEDICAL PRACTICES are overpaying for their business services – and don’t even know it

Evaluating the options that best balance your office’s goals while ensuring optimal performance from your various business services can be very time consuming and frustrating. When was the last time you assessed your Waste or Merchant Services contract and pricing? Is it time for your team to get a no cost, no obligation audit of some of your key services from Schooley Mitchell?


Savings Delivered

Plastic Surgery Clinic


Telecom and Merchant Services

Family Medicine Practice


Telecom Services

Orthopedic Practice


Waste and Merchant Services

Internal Medicine Specialist


Waste Services

Medical Waste

How predictable is your medical waste every month?

Variability in your medical waste from month-to-month makes a big difference to certain service providers.

How do you deal with amalgam waste? Contaminated waste? Sharps?

Each of these require a specific disposal method that could represent additional costs.

Who supplies your medical waste and sharps containers and how are they stored?

Operational procedures and location specific descisions can substantially impact your overall pricing.

Merchant Services

Do you reference the "effective rate" to evaluate how competitive your processing fees are?

A blended pricing structure makes it more difficult to fully understand all the factors impacting your fees.

Do you know how your current processing environment impacts your processing fees?

How you process payments and capture data can have a big impact on your monthly fees.

Have you asked your processor to provide you an "interchange-plus pricing" quote?

This pricing structure is often the least expensive and most transparent option.


Have you conducted a recent usage audit across your telecommunications system?

In many cases, we find inefficiencies and redundancies in the number of lines and features.

Have you considered moving to a Voice over IP platform?

Cloud based telecommunications systems typically provide unique features at lower costs.

Do you know when your current plan automatically renews?

Companies typically only have a 30-day window to make changes to their current contract.


Have you considered splitting your shipping business across multiple vendors?

Vendors tend to specialize in certain areas so playing to their unique strengths can reduce your overall costs.

Are you paying for unnecessary delivery guarantees?

Being more flexible on delivery times can significantly reduce your costs.

Do you review your monthly statements to ensure the correct charge codes are used?

Charge codes can be very confusing and require a detailed review to ensure you are being charged correctly.

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