Schooley Mitchell Spotlight Edgerton Hospital

Edgerton Hostpital: Where Community Comes First

It’s crucial to be able to trust and appreciate your local healthcare resources. In fact, the sort of environment and culture created by healthcare institutions can be literally life saving. That’s what sets Edgerton Hospital, in Edgerton, Wisconsin, apart from other facilities.
Its commitment to serving its community and making a tangible impact are clear when speaking to one passionate member of the staff, marketing manager Jason Hafeman.

“A lot of our recent expansion has been based off community health needs assessments,” Hafeman explains.

Edgerton Hospital has been focusing its efforts and developments by giving the region exactly what it needs, including significantly expanding the mental health services and resources it offers. For example, seeing the need local youth had for mental health support, Edgerton Hospital now employs a counselor who operates within the school district to bring care directly to students.

This community-based approach is all part of the organization’s legacy. Edgerton Hospital was founded in 1923 by a local registered nurse, Edith Lockwood, who saw the pressing need for dedicated care, and began operating out of a two-story residential home. In the century since, it has expanded quite significantly, becoming renowned in the state for its rehabilitation program, specifically.

In 2011, Edgerton Hospital built a new facility, keeping energy efficiency as a central part of the design, complete with eco-friendly heating methods.

“That was really forward thinking, for 2011,” Hafeman explains. Certainly, Edgerton Hospital has always strived to do best by its locale, both human and environment.

If you’re a resident in Edgerton or the surrounding area, you can rest assured knowing your local hospital is not only top tier in the care and services it provides, but that it is also always striving to find new ways to do more for you. This includes classes, clinics, and expansion into cutting edge practices and procedures.

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