Testimonial Letter from I.O.O.F Home & Community Therapy Center

To whom it may concern,

Choosing to work with Scott Deetz and the Schooley Mitchell team was an easy decision, given my seven-year friendship with Scott and my confidence in his team’s honesty and professionalism.

At the I.O.O.F. Home & Community Therapy Center, we’ve been dedicated to providing innovative and compassionate care since 1903. always with a focus on the evolving needs of the North Iowa’s orphans and elderly. In our pursuit of excellence and expansion of services, we must manage our resources wisely.

The process of working with Schooley Mitchell was transparent and efficient. After a brief discussion about our operations and sharing our invoices and contracts. Scott’s team conducted a thorough analysis of our expenses, particularly in facility supplies and waste. To our delight, they not only identified a significant 9% savings in facility supplies. but also a 20% savings in waste. On top of that, they uncovered a billing error that, once corrected, nearly saved us an additional $700.

Altogether Scott and his team at Schooley Mitchell were able to find us savings totaling 29%. a substantial amount that will greatly assist us in reallocating our budget towards our core mission of community care.

We are immensely satisfied with the results achieved by Schooley Mitchell and highly recommend their services to any organization looking to maximize their cost savings effectively.


Michael Davis
Administrator IOOF Home


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