Recommendation for Corinthian Yacht Club

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a great local organization, Corinthian Yacht Club. Located in Seattle, Washington, Corinthian Yacht Club is a place for sailors who like to race, cruise, and have fun on the water.

Corinthian Yacht Club organizes weeknight racing from April through September and several weekend regattas that total over 100 days of racing each year. It hosts races in Lake Washington and Puget Sound, and has racers from all levels of experience including everyone from first time racers to world championship and Olympic sailors.

At Corinthian Yacht Club, there are a host of events and happenings to suit everyone. There are virtual lunches, scouting events, cruises, and racing, as well as a myriad of educational opportunities. It also has an exceptional Junior Sailing Program that offers opportunities to youth of all abilities.

The Corinthian Yacht Club is more than just a club – it is a place for fellow water lovers to come together and enjoy time both on and off the water. Everyone is warm, welcoming and a pleasure to be around. They go above and beyond to provide events and education to the community in order to keep them engaged and interested in the love of the sport.

I recommend the Corinthian Yacht Club to anyone who loves the outdoors and loves being on the water. With Corinthian Yacht Club, you’ll never run out of things to do, and you’ll feel right at home with a community who shares your love of the water.


Rick Jones
Schooley Mitchell

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