Letter of Recommendation from TIGHTCO

To whom it may concern,

I have known Rod Holter for over 25 years and was delighted to hear that he was representing Schooley Mitchell, and could potentially achieve savings for my business. I knew we could trust Rod and his team to provide this service with professionalism and care that would be meaningful to my business.

Operating a multi-site manufacturing operation has a unique set of challenges. These challenges all too often can distract my team from getting the best value with some of our overhead suppliers. In fact, we simply do not have the data to know what the best deal may look like, but we discovered that Schooley Mitchell does.

Rod’s team analyzed 8 cost categories by reviewing our supplier invoices to determine whether savings could be found. The process is truly seamless for the client. All that was required was a quick conversation about our set up, access to our invoices and contracts, and then Schooley Mitchell did all the work from there.

My confidence was proven spot on when Rod came back to me and presented the report showing that Schooley Mitchell was able to identify more than six figures in annual savings. These savings allow us to better serve our customers and staff, which means a lot to our business.
We are very happy with the work Rod and his team at Schooley Mitchell have done for TIGHITCO and strongly recommend any business or organization take advantage of their services and partnership.


Mark Withrow,
President & CEO, TIGHITCO

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