Recommendation Letter for Fiber Dynamics


To Whom It May Concern,

I am honored to offer this letter of recommendation for an incredible company, Fiber Dynamics located in Wichita, Kansas. Fiber Dynamics is a composite designer and manufacturer of solutions for world-class business jets, military drones, rockets, formula one race cars and more.

Founded in 1991, Fiber Dynamics started by producing parts for kit planes and high-volume, high-performance bicycle components such as wheels, frames, and swing arms. Over the years, it crossed over into making interior parts for aircrafts and has refined its materials and processes to produce complex hollow-cavity components. Today, Fiber Dynamics boasts a 30,000 square foot facility designed for full-service manufacturing and engineering solutions on any scale. Specifically, it produces precision parts for landing gear, missile systems and motorsport vehicles.

Fiber Dynamics is AS9100D certified and accredited with Nadcap and is a trusted industry partner. The entire team at Fiber Dynamics is full of expert technicians and engineers who lead with integrity and humility to achieve excellence in all they do.

I highly recommend Fiber Dynamics as an excellent composite parts manufacturer for the aircraft and motorsports industry. The team puts the needs of customers first to help them perform as highly as possible at a lower total cost.

Yours truly,

Rod Holter
Schooley Mitchell

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