Testimonial Letter from Gupta Permold Corp.

April 12, 2024

Re: Business Recommendation

Gupta Permold Corporation is a world class manufacturing company with 4 divisions focused on a breadth of manufacturing from aluminum casting and CNC machining, to patented and branded consumer goods products in the storage and organization space under its diamondLife brand. diamondLife is the largest online metal pegboard manufacturer and retailer in the world.

I am pleased to write a testimonial for Marc Schwalb and his team at Schooley Mitchell for being a tremendous resource for our business regarding their assistance in managing operational costs through pricing and contract negotiations. Marc was brought to my attention by one of our trusted business partners and so we entertained a meeting to see if Schooley Mitchell could help our business. As we thought there could be savings to be found with our current suppliers but not having the time or expertise to take a thorough look ourselves, it only made sense to give Schooley Mitchell an opportunity as it was a no-cost no-obligation audit.

We started out having Schooley Mitchell evaluate our waste expenses. To our surprise, they were able to find us 47% savings without having to switch suppliers, resulting in thousands saved. We then had Schooley Mitchell look at our telecom expenses, including our wireless plan. It was another success story whereby 22% savings was found, again without us having to change any of our suppliers. After two good experiences, we moved on to an area where we have a considerably high spend, which is small package shipping and less than truckload shipping costs. Here, Schooley Mitchell found 15% in savings, which has had the greatest impact on our business as this ended up saving us six figures on an annual basis, again without having to change suppliers.

Another aspect of our relationship with Marc and Schooley Mitchell is that they do not just reduce pricing, but they have an ongoing monitoring system to help find billing errors for which they then seek refunds on our behalf. The monitoring system is particularly helpful regarding shipping, as Schooley Mitchell reviews our invoices weekly, and then sends us e-mails regarding issues we may need to address. They also continue to monitor the marketplace to find more savings, which they have done with shipping and waste during our agreement. We are continually in a place of being optimized because of their handle on the marketplace. They have also been a great asset in terms of helping us in other areas as well. For example, they have been looking into optimizing costs with our packaging supplies vendors. We have been pleased that the response time is excellent with Schooley Mitchell. We feel treated as a high priority as efforts are made to get back to us very quickly and they will provide reports that their analysts can put together, which saves myself and my staff a great deal of time.

So, it is without hesitation, that I endorse Marc and his team at Schooley Mitchell to help your company with cost reduction pricing and contract negotiation, monitoring of your expenses and being a strategic asset to help contribute to making well-informed business decisions. I’m more than happy to tell you more about Marc and his team if you would like.


Anil Gupta



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