Recommendation Letter for Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli

To whom it may concern:

I am happy to be writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of a great business, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli. With locations around the US, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is a taste of Brooklyn in your neighborhood.

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli started as a small 1400 square foot space in 1994, offering bagels, ice cream and a few sandwiches. Since then, it has grown into a national favorite with fourteen franchises offering a robust menu of sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps, smoothies, desserts and bagels. Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli sources only the highest quality clean proteins, organic cheeses when available, and eight homemade breads, which aligns with their ethical and social beliefs.

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is a family affair. Heidi, her daughters, Jenee and Juliana, along with their franchisees, work hard every day to make sure each and every customer is receiving the best food quality and service. They consider their franchisee team a part of the family, which shows in how they run each location with passion and professionalism.

I highly recommend visiting a Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli location to enjoy fresh, authentic deli food paired with the best service in the industry. You can be sure you’ll be greeted with a smile and presented with amazing, delicious food.

Sincerely yours,

Matt Nagy
Optimization Specialist
Schooley Mitchell

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