Testimonial from Walter R. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

I recently had a fantastic experience working with Mitch McCoy of Schooley Mitchell. After getting to know Mitch over the past year, I decided to have him audit our telecom and merchant service expenses. Mitch explained that the initial analysis came at no cost, and we had total control over any changes or decisions.

Walter R. Anderson Insurance Services is a family owned and operated business located in Santa Barbara, CA. We have over 40 years of experience in the Legal Professional Liability Insurance industry.

After the analysis and negotiations were completed, Mitch scheduled a meeting to review the savings recommendations that Schooley Mitchell had discovered. The report was thorough and clear and gave us multiple options to choose from. The option we ended up choosing identified 65% savings on our telecom expense while upgrading our service!

They also found a 15% reduction on our merchant service fees, but we ultimately decided not to make any changes due to an existing system and process already in place. True to his word, we had the final say and there was no pressure to accept the recommendation.

Schooley Mitchell did all the work, and the service they provided exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend Mitch McCoy and Schooley Mitchell for any business or organization interested in reducing their costs and increasing their bottom line. Having them keep an eye on our invoices while continuing to search for additional savings opportunities allows us to focus on our other business priorities.

Best regards,

Raleigh Anderson

Walter R. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc.