Testimonial Letter from Owen Sound Hyundai

Owen Sound Hyundai
202403 Hwy 6 and 21,
Owen Sound, ON, N4K SN7

Feb 27th , 2024

To whom it may concern,

If you’re looking to save your organization money, I recommend contacting Miguel Cardenas of Schooley Mitchell. We engaged Miguel to audit a few of our operational expenses. The prospect of improving our bottom line was incredibly appealing to us.

We at Hyundai Owen Sound are a new car and full-service dealership that treats the needs of each individual customer as our top priority.

Miguel’s team analyzed our operational expenses and invoices to determine whether or not savings could be found. This process was truly very easy from our end. All that was required was a quick conversation about our setup, access to our invoices and contracts, and then Schooley Mitchell did all the work from there.

I was thrilled when Miguel came back to me and presented the report showing that Schooley Mitchell was able to identify 20% in savings for our waste disposal. These savings will be better spent on the efforts that matter most.

After reviewing our telecom and merchant services setup, Schooley Mitchell found that our expenses are already completely optimized. Discovering that we haven’t been overpaying is a huge relief and that costs us nothing, Miguel and his team only get paid if the expenses they deliver savings on, that is a truly remarkable engagement method.

Overall, my experience with Schooley Mitchell and Miguel Cardenas was fantastic, and I would strongly suggest anyone looking to reduce costs get in touch. Miguel is professional and passionate about the work he does!

Best regards,

Kyle Pearson,
Controller, Owen Sound Hyundai

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