Recommendation Letter for Jennifer Thompson of L & W Bookkeeping Professionals

To whom it may concern:  

It is my pleasure to write this letter in recommendation of Jennifer Thompson, professional bookkeeper and founder of L & W Bookkeeping Professionals in Markdale, Ontario. Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to helping businesses get a better handle on their money management, bookkeeping and paperwork.    

Jennifer works hard to take paperwork and other time-consuming pieces of bookkeeping off your desk, so you can spend your time doing the work you love. Some of the services she offers includes standard bookkeeping — such as payroll, bill payment preparation, and invoicing — and training in programs like QuickBooks for those who want to learn to do their own bookkeeping.    

Importantly, Jennifer provides top notch service to each of her clients. She will support you through the entire bookkeeping process, no matter how much or little guidance you require. She is also committed to maintaining the most up-to-date certifications so she’s always well aware of the latest technologies and programs available in the industry.  

If your business needs bookkeeping or administrative support, I highly recommend Jennifer Thompson at L & W Bookkeeping Professionals. With Jennifer, you will receive nothing but quality work from someone who truly cares!  

Sincerely yours,

Miguel Cardenas  

Optimization Specialist  

Schooley Mitchell

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