Recommendation Letter for Francesca Dobbyn of United Way Bruce Grey

To whom it may concern:  

It is my pleasure to write this letter in recommendation of Francesca Dobbyn. As the executive director behind United Way’s Bruce Grey chapter, Francesca is a generous and engaged member of the Grey-Bruce community. She is highly skilled at fundraising and tackling problems that impact Grey-Bruce, Ontario, and Canada.    

Francesca specializes in charitable fundraising and, most recently, has been committed to providing food security and resources to the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her leadership and hard work have led to such pandemic response programs as the Emergency Community Support Fund and a Pandemic Relief Fund for Grey-Bruce healthcare workers.  

Francesca has been involved in other programs during her sixteen plus years at United Way of Bruce Grey. They include the Giche Namewikwedong Reconciliation Garden Project, Support for Newcomers, and Food Security in Bruce Grey, among many other incredible projects.    

Francesca’s dedication to her community is an asset to all of Grey-Bruce, and I am extremely grateful for her community leadership.    

Sincerely yours,

Miguel Cardenas  

Optimization Specialist  

Schooley Mitchell

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