Recommendation Letter for Dave Booy of OK Tire Owen Sound

To whom it may concern:  

I am pleased to be writing this letter in recommendation of Dave Booy and his team at OK Tire Owen Sound. If you need a full-service mechanic who you can trust for all your automotive needs, Dave and his team are an excellent choice.    

OK Tire has been a reliable Canadian automotive service provider since 1953 and has become a brand that Canadians can trust. Under Dave’s ownership, OK Tire Owen Sound is a proud part of that legacy. Its services include brake servicing, oil and tire changes, as well as diagnostic services.    

Dave and his team also service powersport vehicles, such as skidoos, as well as commercial and industrial vehicles. The entire team stands by its ability to deliver quality – whatever your automotive needs are, Dave and his team can help.    

On top of the astounding work he does, Dave is also a great supporter of other local businesses in the Owen Sound area. His commitment to uplifting others in the community is such a testament to the value of his leadership.    

Sincerely yours,
Miguel Cardenas  
Optimization Specialist  
Schooley Mitchell