Helping Businesses Save Money

I recently wrote & published for the September 2023 Issue of the Atascocita/Humble Catholic Magazine. A copy of the article is below:

Being successful in business is rarely a solo endeavor. It usually takes a team: trusted advisors, solid employees, quality vendors, the right financial backing. Schooley Mitchell of Humble can help. I started my business for this very reason, I wanted to help businesses, organizations and non-profits succeed.

Most businesses have meager beginnings. Often the founder responsible for everything from accounts payable to HR, marketing to IT. Eventually, as the business grows, that strategy backfires.

Enter outsourcing. Many business owners may be reluctant to outsource out of fear – scared they’ll lose control, worried about costs, or nervous the person they bring in won’t have their best interests at heart. As an independent consultant, it’s something I see all the time. I understand the fear, and it is my job to take away that fear. I can be the trusted advisor, identifying the right connections and vendors, with no cost and no risk to the business.

Schooley Mitchell has helped thousands of businesses do just this, and I am your local Schooley Mitchell partner. Not only will I help reduce your expenses, but I can identify true partners that have your businesses’ best interest in mind.

But you don’t need to hear it from me, here is what some of our clients have said:

 “From day one, you have put our business and our values first. You have managed to save us 20-60% on our services, all while respecting the relationships we have developed with our long time vendors, and introducing us to new ones” – Ace Hardware.

“Lori and Schooley Mitchell have been much more than a cost reduction consultant, they have been a trusted advisor, a supporter, and a blessing to TENEF USA.” – TENEF USA

By seeking outside assistance, business owners can realize many benefits including:

Time: It is our scarcest resource. An outsourced expert can save you substantial time by handling tasks that keep you from doing what makes your business thrive.

Money: Outsourcing can save you money.  Schooley Mitchell does not charge for their services, we just share in any savings, and if we don’t find savings, you get a free audit.

Security: There are so many aspects to running a successful business. Enlisting the help of an expert provides peace of mind.

Knowledge: It is unlikely any one person is an expert in all the areas required to run a business. Working with an expert with specialized knowledge just makes sense.

Even the strongest companies can benefit from outside assistance. Next time you’re facing a challenge, consider working with Schooley Mitchell of Humble to help handle this challenge. Then spend your time focusing on what you do best: growing your business.