Featured in Atascocita/Humble Catholic Magazine

Recently, Schooley Mitchell’s Lori McDowell was featured in Atascocita/Humble Catholic Magazine, in an article by Shannon M Carr:

Saving Business and Nonprofits Thousands:

Schooley Mitchell – Humble

Schooley Mitchell provides cost reduction consulting to businesses ad nonprofits. Schooley Mitchell does not sell any form of product. The magic behind Schooley Mitchell is how they identify an organization’s errors and overcharges with their current vendor invoices, negotiate better contracts with existing and new vendors, manage ongoing vendor relationships, and ensure they are always getting the best deal (risk-free). They have been helping businesses become more profitable, and they have helped nonprofits have more funds for programs for over 20 years.

“The basic philosophy is we can help organizations save money with no risk – if you don’t save money, we don’t get paid!” Lori said.

The philosophy behind Schooley Mitchell is helping organizations that are resource-limited by having Schooley Mitchell’s tea, do the work for them, and in return, both companies share in the savings. Companies become more profitable, and nonprofits have more money available for programs.

“What I enjoy most about my work is when I can help someone else succeed, when I work with a business and save them money, or work with a nonprofit and they see how much less they can pay for services and how they can use this money to help the community. It brings me great joy,” said Lori.

It’s a great time to take Lori up on her no-risk offer if you own or manage a business or work with a nonprofit in the area.

Schooley Mitchell is offering any customer that signs up for services before May 31, 2023, to donate 10% of the Schooley Mitchell profit to a nonprofit of their choice, and this donation will continue quarterly for the length of the service agreement, which is typically three years. Plus, any nonprofit that signs up before May 31 will get a 15% donation back to the nonprofit.

Lori is a kind and giving heart who has lived in the Kingwood and Atascocita area since December of 1999 with her husband, Frank, and son, Hunter. “I am intentional about making my workday inspirational. I start each day with a prayer/meditation/moment of mindfulness, ad when I get anxious or frustrated with the obstacles that risk up, I focus on the food I am doing for the organizations I am working with ad all the amazing people I have met so far.”

To learn more about how Schooley Mitchell can help your organization of business, reach out to Lori McDowell at 281-740-2865 or visit schooleymitchell.com/lmcdowell

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