Recommendation for Scooch

To whom it may concern:

I am excited to write this letter in recommendation of an incredible and innovative product called the Scooch case. Created by a successful serial entrepreneur, John Stagge, the Scooch case brings function and style to your devices with easy-to-use accessories.

The Scooch case is designed for both function and protection and can be used with most Apple and Samsung phones. Whether you’re streaming a movie, connecting with people online, or using the GPS, the Scooch case does it all. The universal “wingback” allows you to easily prop your phone up while and the unique grip design ensures your device is well in hand for taking pictures or when on a video call. You can also accessorize the Scooch case with ReStyle inserts for a more personalized look.

Although the Scooch case has only been around for 7 years, John has been designing functional accessories for decades. He realized there just wasn’t a case on the market that did what he wanted it to do, so he and his team created it. The world class customer service and fast shipping are just added bonuses to all the Scooch offers.

I highly recommend getting yourself a Scooch case. The product is revolutionary, and the customer service is second-to-none, ensuring your device is protected and being used to its fullest capacity at all times.


James Medawar
Schooley Mitchell

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