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Feeding Bodies, Minds and Souls: Do Good Restaurant and Ministry

The first time Karen Homan heard the Holy Spirit telling her to open a restaurant that would serve as a ministry and bring attention and glory to God, she was hesitant. She had never heard of such an idea and didn’t know how that would work.

The Holy Spirit told her, “there are many good people in the world, but they are not coming to my churches. People are busy, but they go out to eat. And I will show you things to do to draw them back to me.”

Homan tried to put the idea out of her mind, but over the next few weeks, she kept seeing signs and so, following the direction of the Holy Spirit, Homan set out to build and open the restaurant. Although there were many challenges along the way, God always provided what was needed.

“No matter what struggle has been thrown our way, there’s always been a positive outlook and [it] has worked out for the better,” Hillary Lange, front of house and brand manager of Do Good Restaurant and Ministry said.

Today, Do Good Restaurant and Ministry serves four local counties and is a registered non-profit organization with the mission of spreading God’s Word through service and food, and feeding peoples’ bodies, minds, and souls.

Do Good Restaurant and Ministry features a variety of takeout and dine-in options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From soups and appetizers to delicious entrees and deserts, it has something for everyone to enjoy. It also has a smoothie bar, barista station, catering services, and its upper room is available for guests to rent and host their own private event.

Do Good Restaurant and Ministry truly strives to support everyone in the community. It operates many ministries that are free of charge to people in the community. This includes Bible studies, kid programs, exercise classes and tutoring services, just to name a few.

“People connect here. They don’t just get up and go to a church, they make connections, share stories and bond. It’s a beautiful thing,” Lange said.

It hosts regular honor meals, with free meals given to volunteers to thank them for the time they give to charitable organizations, as well as a Tip of the Month program, in which all tips left at the restaurant are donated to a local family in need. It also hosts countless events throughout the year as well, including Easter events, a summer carnival, Holy Halloween and
a variety of Christmas events.

Although Do Good Restaurant and Ministry has had much success since opening, it isn’t without its struggles. With so many great services being offered and ever-rising food costs, it could always use more volunteers and donations.

“Around 65% of the people that work here are all volunteers doing around 30% of the hours needed, and we wouldn’t be here without them,” Lange said.

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