Recommendation for Do Good Restaurant and Ministry

To whom it may concern:

I am honored to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of an amazing local organization, Do Good Restaurant and Ministry. Located in Osgood, Ohio, Do Good Restaurant and Ministry is a non-profit restaurant which spreads God’s word through service and food.

Since day one, the mission of Do Good Restaurant and Ministry has been to serve the community and bring attention and glory to God. Each ministry is funded by the profits of the restaurant and run by volunteers. It offers community programs such as a baby ministry, where every baby born in the area is provided with a blanket, cap, or bonnet. Likewise, it hosts several ongoing events, such as Bible studies, exercise classes, health and wellness clinics, and more.

Do Good Restaurant and Ministry has a very large group of community members who volunteer their time and expertise to serve, whether it be accounting, business knowledge, repairs, sewing, décor or cooking and baking. The Tip of the Month ministry provides financial assistance to a local family in need through the tips the restaurant patrons donate.

I highly recommend visiting Do Good Restaurant and Ministry, not only for the amazing food and drinks, but also for the incredible hospitality and commitment to bringing glory to God. It is such an inspiring place to be and an honor to witness the way in which Do Good Restaurant and Ministry serves its community.


Jill Broering
Schooley Mitchell

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