Recommendation for HOTWORX Burelson

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for a great business, HOTWORX Burleson. Located in Burleson, Texas, HOTWORX Burelson is a 24-hour fitness studio that provides access to a variety of infrared sauna workouts in small, intimate sessions.

HOTWORX Burelson is part of the HOTWORX franchise which has revolutionized the fitness industry by providing the ultimate hot exercise experience. Its franchise business model creates a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs by offering convenient and affordable access to a 24-Hour Infrared Fitness Studio that allows its members to achieve their health and fitness goals.

HOTWORX Burelson has isometric workouts that are 30 minutes in length, with up to three people per session, and include HOT Pilates, HOT Yoga, HOT Warrior, and more. Its high intensity interval training workouts are 15 minutes in length, for up to two or three people per session, and include HOT Cycle, HOT Row, HOT Thunder and HOT Blast. All of the sessions are virtually instructed, totally safe, and designed to elevate the power of your body and mind.

I highly recommend HOTWORX Burelson to anyone looking for an invigorating infrared sauna workout. Its workouts are unlike any other fitness program available and will help you get the results you desire in a fraction of the time.


Greg Williams
Schooley Mitchell

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