Recommendation for Tracy Sayers at The Village of Lakemore

To whom it may concern:

It is an absolute pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of a true asset to our community, Tracy Sayers. Tracy is the current village administrator at The Village of Lakemore, with almost two decades of experience serving the village.

Over the years, Tracy worked in a variety of positions at The Village of Lakemore before taking on her current role. As the administrator, she helps negotiate some of the most important contracts in place, which supports thousands of residents, and works countless hours to ensure business is maintained and focused on future development.

When I met Tracy, it was easy to see that she is a pillar in the community. She is kind, friendly, and a true pleasure to interact with. She is deeply passionate about her community and goes above and beyond not only to serve the village, but to help those around her in any way she can.

Not only does Tracy help keep things running smoothly at the village, but she also active with many organizations in the area. She is the current treasurer of the Port-Summit Rotary, and is also involved with the Springfield Lakemore Chamber of Akron, the Lakemore Lions, and Lakemore United Methodist Church. She was even recently named the Rotarian of the Year, for her outstanding work in the community.

Tracy Sayers is an important part of our community and I highly recommend getting in touch with her. With almost two decades of service to the village, she knows the ins and outs like no one else!


Fred Carter
Schooley Mitchell

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