Recommendation for Steve Tirrell at Cartridge World

To whom it may concern,


It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Steve Tirrell at Cartridge World. Whether it’s a home printer or a business printer fleet, you can count on Cartridge World.

For many years, Steve has brought a profound amount of knowledge and experience in printer hardware, fax, toner, large format, and franchising. His eager and dedicated commitment to printing services has helped him expand Cartridge World to what it is today. From ink and toner, to printers and repairs, Steve has ensured that all your printing needs are taken care of.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve for three months, and it has been an honor. Steve has proven his hard work and dedication to so many in his community. Steve’s exceptional level of care is shown every time hand delivers products or does site visits to determine the best fit and function for his cartridges. He truly goes above and beyond.

I wholeheartedly recommend Steve Tirrell at Cartridge World to anyone who is looking to improve or enhance their printer experience. From repairs to replacements, Steve is ready to help in any way he can. He understands the importance of printing and ensures that no matter how big or small, you will receive quality and cost-effective service you can trust.



Fred Carter
Schooley Mitchell

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