Recommendation for Kamelia Fisher at the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure and deep respect that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Kamelia Fisher. Based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Kamelia Fisher is the experienced and talented executive director at Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce.

The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce was founded in the fall of 1926 by a group of businessmen and property owners. Over the years, it has grown to include more than 300 business members who all work together to build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in Cuyahoga Falls.

Kamelia takes a rare approach to chamber directorship – being involved first-hand to help her members make connections with each other. Whether actively mixing at events or referring members to each other through phone calls, she is engaged with her membership and committed to making her chamber a success.

While I have only known Kamelia for a short time, I have quickly come to know her as the true professional and genuinely kind-hearted person she is. She has been an exemplary spokesperson for the chamber and gave me a first-rate experience getting to know how the chamber functions, as well as helping me make personal introductions to members.

I recommend Kamelia Fisher and the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce with the utmost confidence to anyone looking to connect with other businesspeople and make a difference in their community. Kamelia and the rest of the organization will go above and beyond to help you build relationships that will help your business reach its full potential.


Fred Carter
Schooley Mitchell

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