Recommendation for Jeremiah Landi of Landi Industries

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Jeremiah Landi. Proudly based in Akron, Ohio, Jeremiah provides strong focus for all projects.

In 2016, Jeremiah founded Landi Industries to proudly produce American engineering and manufacturing for his clients. Jeremiah and his team are great problem solvers who will partner with you to ensure your vision comes to fruition.

Today, Jeremiah and his team are ready to provide unlimited opportunities with fabrication and design, as well as both software and electrical engineering. Jeremiah’s team is built of members with incredible work ethics, specialized knowledge, and the mutual refusal to settle for simply good enough. Jeremiah and his team strive for perfection with every project.

While I have only known Jeremiah for a short while, I have quickly come to see his passion and confidence with his team and company. Jeremiah is continuously working to revolutionize the way the world views manufacturing while providing a commitment to success.

I highly recommend Jeremiah Landi and his team at Landi Industries to anyone looking to bring an idea to fruition. From design to manufacturing, Jeremiah provides clear communication, reliability, and the technology needed to bring something to life that others said couldn’t be done.


Fred Carter
Schooley Mitchell

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