Recommendation for Heather Taylor at The Glitter Girl

To whom it may concern,

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Heather Taylor at The Glitter Girl. She plans to add the social media sparkle to make your business shine.

For many years, Heather has prided herself in working with small businesses to help them grow and succeed. She believes it’s all about successful social media marketing! So even when you’re completely unsure of how to go about it or even use social media, Heather is there to help direct you to the best solutions.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather for eight months, and she has been an absolute joy to be around. From friendly conversations to times of need, Heather has always been ready to lend a hand and provide her uncapped knowledge. She can help in all aspects from organization, to promotion, and more. When it comes to social media, Heather is the all-knowing guru.

I wholeheartedly recommend Heather Taylor at The Glitter Girl to everyone looking to spice up their marketing. Heather is ready to help audit, organize, improve, and coach small businesses to ensure they stand out to clients. As a leader in her community, Heather is no stranger to helping, and that’s why when it comes to social media, Heather is the one to trust.



Fred Carter
Schooley Mitchell

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