Recommendation for Denise Kotz of Strategic Realm Consulting

I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation on half of Denise Kotz. Based in Hudson, Ohio, Denise Kotz is the proud owner and founder of Strategic Realm Consulting. She uses a risk-based approach to regulatory compliance and works closely with her customers to find the right solutions for their needs.

Strategic Realm Consulting offers consulting services in the areas of product regulatory and product stewardship in the elastomer, polymer, and chemical industries. Its expertise in this specialized area benefits customers because of its broad knowledge of regulations and faster turnaround time than large consulting services.

Over the years, Denise, has built a trusted reputation for her company and is known for being timely, self-directed, organized, an effective task manager, and a great communicator. She works closely with her customers to find the right solution for their unique needs, using team collaboration, customer focus, and a strong attention to detail.

While I have only known Denise for a short time, I have quickly come to know her as the true industry professional she is. She has a deep and thorough understanding of all aspects of her company, which allows her to provide exceptional service. She is a pleasure to be around and genuinely cares for those around her. She has been a valuable asset to me when it comes to making new networking connections and has offered a lot of support.

I recommend Denise Kotz and Strategic Realm Consulting to any small to mid-sized business that needs help with strategic approaches to regulatory compliance of elastomers, polymers, and chemicals. Denise and her team have extensive experience and broad knowledge to provide fast turnaround time and quality service.

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