Recommendation for Bob Dianetti at BrainSpark

To whom it may concern,

It is an absolute pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of great individual, Bob Dianetti of BrainSpark. Bob is a true industry professional that goes above and beyond to provide the absolute best service for each and every client.

For many years, Bob has been known as the man behind the mission. At BrainSpark, he delivers system-wide and individualized leadership training to prestigious organizations. Bob will help with all you need to hire, promote from within, reduce turnover, improve team effectiveness, and develop current and future leaders. He can help you hire smart and build on the talent already within your organization.

Although I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing Bob for a short while, he has helped introduce me to new people and has been teaching me advanced leadership and sales concepts. Bob has become a personal coach for me, and he continues to drive me to my fullest potential just as he has with BrainSpark.

I highly recommend Bob Dianetti at BrainSpark to anyone looking for fortify and improve their business and their team. As a leader in his community and with his business, Bob continues to prove that everyone can succeed and I for one, am no short of a believer.


Fred Carter
Schooley Mitchell

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