SM Spotlight Jafferson Computers

When you walk into Jafferson Computers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it has been in the service business for almost 20 years.

Back in 2002, Mateen Jaffer was looking for an Engineering job. Due to the recession, it was hard to find a job, so he started doing repairs and service out of his home.

Eventually, he and his wife, Nabeela Jaffer partnered together and built up the business until they were able to move into their current location in 2004.

For Jaffers, it was an easy transition, as Mateen has a background in electrical engineering and telecommunications and Nabeela in computer science. Seventeen years
later, Jafferson Computers has a team of four staff, and they haven’t looked back.

Over time they added services, such as on-site help for businesses and residential customers, as well as remote and managed services.

Jafferson Computers stocks new and used laptops and a host of technological components.

“With our managed services, we get notified if [a customer’s PC] picks up malware or something and we can quickly mitigate the problem,” Jaffer said.

They can also remote into a customer’s computer and help with things like printer or email issues, as long as clients are connected to the internet.

“Our biggest advantage is the experience we have and that we have been in the market for so long,” Jaffer said.

Jafferson Computers also places a huge priority on the community and has developed personal relationships with its customers.

“People really like that the owner is personally there for services … they like that we are upfront [and] if something goes wrong we are there to help.”

Jafferson Computers takes the time to analyze and evaluate every unique situation, in order to give clients the best solution possible.

“When someone walks in with a VCR … we would not turn them away. We would listen. We would talk and find out what is so important for them that they want it fixed [then offer a customer-focused solution].”

For Jafferson Computers, it is all about technology – it doesn’t matter what kind of device it is. It is that level of service excellence that makes Jaffer’s business standout in the community.

Jafferson Computers also faces some big challenges, such as the perception that customers can walk in and buy a device at the same price as an online retailer.

“You just look online and you order it and then you’re on your own … here you’re coming in getting questions answered, making sure you get what you need, and if it’s not right, coming back and exchanging.”

With decreasing tech prices, fewer people are wanting to repair their devices, and find it easier to replace them, which is also challenging for Jafferson Computers.

“We’re not here for selling and we’re not here competing [with e-retailers] — we’re here to service,” Jaffer said.

Jafferson Computers doesn’t just place a high priority on high-quality products and  personal services, they are also advocates for online safety in their community.

Jaffer regularly hosts public classes at local libraries and senior centers in an effort to raise awareness about possible scams.

“Technology is…challenging for them. I would really love to see how we can help keep them safe … and bridge the tech gap that seniors have so they can stay connected with their loved ones.”

In the future, Jafferson Computers hopes to continue offering second-to-none services as a business, as well as a community member and advocate.

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