Recommendation Letter for Jafferson Computers

To whom it may concern:

I am more than happy to write this letter in recognition of a great local company, Jafferson Computers. Since 2002, Jafferson Computers has provided computer repair and maintenance services for residential customers and small businesses in the Ypsilanti, Michigan area.

Jafferson Computers offers a variety of computer repair and maintenance services for both PCs and Macs. This includes computer tune-ups, virus and spyware removal, data backup and recovery, software repairs, screen replacements and more. Services are conveniently provided in-store or on-site.

All the services offered by Jafferson Computers are provided by its team of in-house professionals. They are trained to handle a wide variety of services in a timely manner, so you can get back to working as soon as possible. They are also a pleasure to interact with and make the process of having your computer repaired less painful than it often is.

I highly recommend Jafferson Computers to anyone in need of computer repair or maintenance services. With Jafferson Computers, your computer will be running smoothly again in no time!

Sincerely yours,

Eric Gerdes
Schooley Mitchell

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