Recommendation for Lisa St. Aubin at Viega

To whom it may concern,


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Lisa at Viega. I have had the opportunity to know her for 15 years and have previously worked with her. She is a bright and knowledgeable individual.

For many years, Lisa has worked closely with clients and consultants at Viega, and she has been no short of incredible. Lisa listens and understand everyone’s needs and is there to help support you whether you’re looking for residential or commercial services. Lisa has always been a staple at Viega by constantly delivering unprecedented quality and care.

After working with Lisa for many years, she has shown how to strive and achieve. She has been a constant leader with Viega, and it has been an absolute pleasure to know and work with her. Lisa understands and wants to help develop products and technologies that save resources and improve the quality of life.

I highly recommend Lisa St. Aubin at Viega to anyone looking to improve their quality of piping whether for residential or commercial. Lisa is a highly trained and confident individual who is ready to help provide support and knowledge for you.



Dave Delles
Business Optimization Specialist
Schooley Mitchell

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