Recommendation Letter for Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce

To whom it may concern:

I have found my go to local company for hot sauce since recently discovering Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce.

Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce was founded by Thomas and Kendra. They have traveled all over the world and wanted to share their inspirations and experiences to others in the form of hot sauce. Based in Milton, ON, Thomas and Kendra have the goal of bringing globally inspired flavours to the local community in the form of handcrafted, artisan hot sauce.

I met Tom at the Milton Winter Farmers’ Market where he has a booth selling his hot sauces. As someone who enjoys spice and routinely adds hot peppers and sauces to my food, I was intrigued to find out more.

Tom was happy to describe all the flavours and patiently walked me through the different spice levels unique to each flavour. The pride and enthusiasm Tom has for his sauces clearly shined through during our conversation. The fact that all sauces are handcrafted locally really impress me. I ended up purchasing the Pura Vida and Smokin’ Fuego flavours.

The Pura Vida offers a mild spice infused and balanced with citrus flavours. This was my wife’s favourite. The Smokin’ Fuego, as the name suggests, offers a great kick of spice. I am now adding this to most of my meals, including eggs for breakfast and pasta in the evenings.

I would highly recommend Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce to anyone looking for locally made hot sauces that are well balanced between spice and flavour.


Michael Baznick

Schooley Mitchell

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